Feel Worthy, Be Worthy

Learn the HOW & WHY of raising your personal worth, to start attracting more of what you want & less of the same-old, same-old!

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'Feel Worthy, Be Worthy' is a self-paced course designed to raise the level of personal self worth, through a series of exercises and activities. The exercises increase perspective and generate a more thorough understanding of the self, leading to higher levels of clarity and confidence. 

Not only will you feel more worthy, you will understand WHY and HOW, so that you may implement these methods for any future challenges in other areas of life! Once comprehension is achieved, the result is PERMANENT change in that particular area. 

What's included?

8 Videos
2 Texts

Change your perspective about yourself & in turn, the quality of life you attract

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Kate Millane
Kate Millane
Allineate - Head Facilitator

About the instructor

My name's Kate and I am Allineate (I didn't choose it to rhyme, I swear). 

Ever since I was a little girl I've been an active witness to human behavior, emotions and energy. Not speaking louder than a whisper (shyness) until I was in my later teens, it was such a natural passion of mine (not that I saw it as such until recent years) to be a silent watcher; to attempt to understand this human condition! 

Having had some significantly hard times in my life including sexual abuse, child loss, depression and the like, I've also been a careful watcher during those times, and it has all lead me into this business. 

I have been gathering and testing theories and information for decades, with the added bonus of being incredibly energetically 'switched on', making it easy for me to cut through the crap and feel for truth almost instantly. 

It's taken me (in my opinion) a long time to get here and I'm so grateful I took my time so I could perfect the methods and understanding I now use in delivering life changing service to the incredible people I work with! 

This is not something I've just thought would be fun to do.... This is my life's work! 

And I love every minute of it! 


Thank you for being a part of it xx 


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